Little Lizard King!!!! Their creativity is limitless!!!!! Molly Gilmore Cauble¬†has created an amazing pattern for moving from winter to spring as well as being a staple for any cute summer wardrobe. The Daughter is wearing long sleeves in lace because Texas has incredibly fickle weather. It was almost 80 degrees the day we did … More Monterey

Beautiful Bluebell

I absolutely LOVE making beautiful little dresses, and Petite Stitchery has the patterns to do so! Their latest pattern, Bluebell, is just too adorable and loaded with -oh-so-many options that I couldn’t make just one! ¬†Where to start on this sweet little dress!¬† First, It comes with 3 options for length; You can make a … More Beautiful Bluebell


Spring is here and in Texas that means WATCH OUT….Summer’s Coming! So Little Lizard King’s New Monterey romper is perfect for spring into summer, especially with all the sleeve options it offers.¬† In early Spring with temps still a little chilly, you can’t go wrong with a simple long sleeve.¬† As temps warm up there’s … More Rompers!!