Meet Lana

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Hi, I am Lana Smith. Wife to #NotGovernor. We live in Texas with two children. The Son was born in Sept 2013 and is our wonderful ‘Force of Nature’ that will change the world like it or not. ❤ The Daughter was born Jan 2015 and is the ‘Smith Princess’ with Dada wrap ever so tightly around her little cute finger. I learned the basics of sewing when I was young but never did much more than make a pillow or something. Growing up I didn’t really want to sit still and inside long enough to develop my seamstress skills. I love being outside and especially when I can be with animals like horses and dogs. We have three dogs at this time; Bailey, Mili and Winston. And there will probably be posts about them as I will sew for just about anyone. 😀 Thanks to Rachael, whom introduced me to PDF patterns. Technology is such an amazing thing that we have available these days. Sadly, we don’t seem to utilize it to its fullest. There are so many things we can learn but don’t because it push preconceived boundaries.


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