Hi I’m Rachael


Hello I’m Rachael, I am farm wife, a florist, a seamstress, and the Mother of dragons!   JK, I have 2 kiddos.  My sweet girl Ashlynn, is 4 going on 17! She is full of life and and loads of personality.  my boy Andrew is my cuddle bug and 2!  He is always happy and smiling and/or growling, lol!  My husband Jordan and I have been married 10 years, but we’ve been together 16 years.  (feels longer) He’s the smartest person I know! He did marry me after all 😝29060859_208169449938807_5526959364501853498_o

I started sewing when I was 17. My aunt introduced me to anime and comic book conventions.  People attending would come in costume and I LOVED that idea and, SEW IT BEGAN… My aunt and my boyfriend (now said husband) taught me basic sew enough at least to get me started.  There was of course, a lot of trial and error at the beginning but the discovery of PDF sewing patterns 3 years ago, got me to where I am today; whipping up a dress a day! JK…. but not really…give or take at least 1 a week. So yeah. I’m pretty obsessed with creating something pretty and wearable out of a piece of fabric.  It’s my art form!

I sew mostly little girls dresses, as I am a pattern tester, for a few PDF pattern makers who specialize in young girls clothing. I do make myself a few things here and there. Ive even made a few mommy and me outfits, while that’s still cool with her lol. Needless to say, miss Ashlynn has a killer wardrobe! I’m just glad she still gets excited for new stuff, I’m sure that will pass come the teen years. I’ve made Andrew a few shirts and vests and bow ties (boys have it easy) It so cute how much he likes what I do make him, I get a gasping WOOOOOOOW, and my mommy heart swells!

Since I do sew a lot I’m gonna blog about it so get ready to be bored or not!!


Happy Sewing!


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