Flutter Sleeves on Everything!

What’s not t love about Flutter sleeves?! It seems like almost every dress,(or at least every other one) I’ve made this year has flutter sleeves! So after I had sewn up my first LLK Boston pattern and loved it, I had to try and add flutters to it’s bias folded straps, it was just begging for me to add them to it!

And OMG do I LOVE them! The Boston is perfect without them, but over the top with them!

From the front the difference isn’t to noticeable…..

But the back…. I just love it! So how did I do it? It’s pretty easy check it out……

I used the flutter sleeve pattern piece, from the Bellevue dress pattern and timed off 3 inches from the front fold line edge and used it to cut out my flutters (on the fold), I used the size 4 flutter pattern piece, with the size 4 Boston straps, and I think they where the perfect fit!


After I hemmed and gathered the flutter sleeves, I followed the instructions on the Boston pattern for pressing the straps. Before sewing the straps shut, I added the flutters, first I measured and marked on the out side of the strap where my button hole would go using the chart provided in the Boston pattern, then measuring 1/2″ up from that mark, I made a mark on the inside of the strap for where to stop the flutter sleeves, so that the flutters will stop just before the top of  where the button hole will be.


Then I adjusted the gather and pined the flutter to the strap, lining up the (still folded to the middle) raw edge of the strap with the raw edge of the flutter sleeve, pinned it in place and basted it on.  Note that the little bit of flutter in the picture that goes past the mark was moved up, just didn’t retake the picture 😉


Then I folded the strap in half, lining up the folded edges of the strap piece, and sewed down the length of the strap, just like you would with the strap instructions in the Boston pattern, but with the flutter sandwiched in!


DON’T FORGET to mirror the flutters!!! unless you just like seam ripping, unpicking, snipping threads, cutting seams, all the different terms for OOPS! but yeah, I also top stitched the inside edge of the strap.


After all that I just followed the Boston pattern instructions for the rest of the strap assembly and it came out beautify!

I hope this made since, and if not fill free to DM me and I will be happy to help in anyway I can!

Little Lizard King is just rocking out 1 great pattern after another! I love testing for them, as well as just sewing up their patterns. The Boston pattern is on sale now….. AS WELL AS their whole site! (WHAAAAT) That’s right everything at Little Lizard King is 30% off Including the new BOSTON and Providence patterns!

Boston comes in sizes 12m-14, dress and top lengths, with a full button up front and a waist sash that looks great tied in the front or the back. I love it’s wonderful vintage feel. It is a great summer sew, but I can’t wait to layer it in the fall!

Come Back tomorrow for a look at LLKs new Providence pattern!

Boston Pattern

Beaufort Shorts Pattern


Happy sewing


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