Laguna… Beach!

Are you ready for the Beach?  Well we are now! Little Lizard King has a new pattern and it’s a swim suit !!! woo hoo! Laguna is part of the Cali collection, and it is an amazing pattern! The style options are just too cute, and the instructions are so easy to follow it makes sewing a swim suit,,, well easy!

So the style options.. Omg so may ways to make this suit, the top comes in bikini length, or tankini lentgh, with optional ruffle or skirt, then there are 2 neckline, scoop or high neck. There are 2 styles to the bottoms, bikini or vintage with an optional ruffles,  so many combos!

For Miss Ashlynn’s Laguna suit we took inspiration from her resent pink donut infatuation, that started with this float form the Dollar store, I chose the bikini top with the exposed skirt, Ashlynn pick the shiny pink swim fabric and I added aaaaaallllllll the sprinkles…. so thankful for my free motion foot.

For the bottoms, I loved the look and coverage of the vintage bottoms, plus that little ruffle! We went with a brown (which was hard to find) to represent the cake part of the donut, these are fully lined, which I love, there is also an option for just a crotch lining, that is quick and easy!

My kids love the beach and the beach is more fun with friends and since I can’t stop making Laguna, I sewed up one for Miss Ashlynn’s friend. She loves purple so this one has a mermaid feel, with it’s purple high neck thankini, with exposed ruffle skirt top and the metallic green, vintage bottoms with green mesh ruffles, she was ready for the water!

You gotta have a Beach bag and swim coverup! Little Lizard Kings has the patterns for those too! Their tote bag comes in 5 sizes! I used the XL for our donut beach bag! The swim coverup is their Sedona pattern in a stretch lace, I omitted the lining on the bodice and just hemmed the neck and sleeves, since it was stretch fabric it was pretty easy!

I loved sewing all these little patterns up! and we had a blast at our little lake beach!

Get the Laguna pattern on sale through Sunday!


Cali Collection

Happy sewing


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