Pickled Tink By Pickled Toes Patterns

Pickled Tink-3

This dress turned out as sweet as the sketch used to ask for testers! Unfortunately The Daughter was not interested in wearing the bolero that I made to go with it. 😫 But that is the way it goes when the mini humans are learning about self and asserting their selves.

Pickled Tink-1

As I am sewing more and acquiring more fabrics, I am starting to lose track of the brands and locations each came from. And so I don’t remember whom or where the stripes came from. *All the sads* Michael Miller Fabrics put out the skirt fabric in the name Sweet Treats but alas, I can’t remember where I obtain it either. And Google was not my friend on this one either.

Pickled Tink-4

Pickled Toes Patterns made The Daughter’s day with this one. She asked for an “all the way to the floor dress” so I was able to give it to her with Pickle Tink dress. This pattern is for every season with every length; top to floor. The empire waist is my favorite and when paired with the bolero, *sigh* it is PERFECT!!!! One day, I will get the bolero pictures uploaded too.

Pickled Tink-2

The sleeveless is going to make this dress a go-to for the Texas summer and the back is just so simple it is an art-form of its own. I love how wonderfully it came together with the Kam snaps. Although, I want to give it a try with a zipper at some point very soon. This pattern with the classic lines makes it quintessential for all, premie to 12 years old. ❤ ❤ ❤ And the best for The Daughter was the pockets because who doesn’t like some pockets. 😀 Out of this world, Pickled Toes Patterns!

Pickled Tink-5


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