Happy Birthday Miss Ashlynn!

Today Is my 4th Mommaversary! Yep! Miss Ashlynn is 4 Today OMG!

The day she was born, my little girl completely stole my heart and in just 4 years, has become my best friend!

She is growing up sooo fast and has so much personalty she can’t contain it! She literally  HAS to burst out in song and dance because she just can’t help it!  She is sweet and sassy but at the same time loving and affectionate.  She loves her family fiercely.  She’s a good little helper and I love watching her grow and learn.

Miss Ashlynn knows what she likes, and this girl LIKES hot pink and Minnie Mouse!   So Pink Minnie Mouse Birthday Party it is!

The vision started when we found these PINK Sparkly Minnie ears at our favorite thrift store. Everything was inspired by them!

To be honest, this dress is not what I first envisioned when I was dreaming up a dress to go with the ears;  it’s better! I used Little Lizard King’s Arendelle.  It’s a stunning pattern and I love that it’s so easy to sew! I love the look of the hi low skirt and that it makes cutting tulle so much easier.   I wanted this dress to be  very fluffy so I made a gathered hi low circle skirt, referencing LittleLizard King’s blog on turning the skirt of their Phoenix pattern into a gathered circle, and it worked perfectly! 10 layers of satin, netting and tulle and this skirt could stand on its own!  LOL


I used pink sequin fabric for the bodice to match the ears, it almost sparkles as much as she does…. ALMOST!


The back of the dress is as stunning as the front.   The dramatic hi low skirt with the beautiful cut out on the bodice makes a girl feel extra fancy on her birthday. Add some cute sparkly Minnie Mouse buttons and it’s just plain magical!


I really like when I can add a sash to a dress.  It’s such a pretty accent, and the perfect place to add some polka dots!  And of course, what every Minnie themed dress needs is a big BOW!


For Ashlynn her birthday outfit wasn’t complete with out Minnie’s white gloves (her favorite part she says). I wide traced her hands on to some white spandex. I then stitched the lines, cut them out, and added the trademark 3 cartoon lines on the top  in hot pink glitter for a true Minnie Mouse feel!!


But of course the best part of the whole dress is how much she loves it and how cute it is on her. I love watching her walk around and play in it like shes a little diva/princess!


The biggest thank you to my sweet friend Katy for taking these amazing pictures of my little Minnie Mouse! You’re making these beautiful memories long lasting!

And of course Happy Birthday to my precious little girl! 4 is gonna be a blast!

Happy sewing!


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