Little Lizard King!!!!

Their creativity is limitless!!!!!

Molly Gilmore Cauble has created an amazing pattern for moving from winter to spring as well as being a staple for any cute summer wardrobe.

The Daughter is wearing long sleeves in lace because Texas has incredibly fickle weather. It was almost 80 degrees the day we did this shoot but today just a few days later the high is supposed to be only 44.  *shivering*

This pattern is imploring for the flowy and billowy fabrics like the satin I used for The Daughter. Rachael’s post tells about her experience making Miss Ashlynn’s Monterey. It is SO much fun having a Partner-in-Sewing and The Daughter gets so excited when I talk about going to take pictures with Rachael and Ashlynn. Plus, it gives incentives for cooperative to get dressed and get out of the house. 😉 This particular shoot was also purchased with Hersey Kisses and Starbursts.

The Monterey has all the options to provide the perfect article of clothing for the cold to warm switch. There is long sleeves for when it is a bit chilly. Then the long and 3/4 sleeves have cold shoulder and split sleeves options when it gets a bit too warm for straight long sleeves. There are short and sleeveless for when summer weather kicks in.

The Daughter loved put this one on with the comfy elastic waist, pockets (these are HUGE in her world right now) and front closing so she can dress ‘by myself.’ I just got some Kam snaps so I am addicted to using them and since they are colored, I can get The Daughter’s input which makes it so much easier to get the piece of clothing on her. 😀 I digress, the pattern can be used with buttons too. *Hehe*

This pattern is so so so amazing and I love how easy it is to put together as Little Lizard King patterns are. I swear the team at LLK has this pattern making thing down to a science! I have yet to have rough pattern with them.

So go buy yours NOW!!! 😛





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