Spring is here and in Texas that means WATCH OUT….Summer’s Coming!

So Little Lizard King’s New Monterey romper is perfect for spring into summer, especially with all the sleeve options it offers.  In early Spring with temps still a little chilly, you can’t go wrong with a simple long sleeve.  As temps warm up there’s the cold shoulder long sleeve as well as the split long sleeve.  Once summer temps begin, all the aforementioned in 3/4 length, or simply a sleeveless option is available. It’s  Miss Ashlynn’s peference.


The pattern is made for those wonderful lightweight and flowy fabrics.  This silky crepe worked beautify for our little romper.

The elastic waist makes for such a comfortable easy to wear fit.

And what’s a super cool outfit with out pockets?!


The simplicity of the pattern makes it so easy to embellish with cute trims and buttons.


The Pattern comes in sizes 12m-14 and looks great on all ages.

We love Little Lizard King and Molly Gilmore Cauble’s new Monterey romper pattern and will be making many many more.

The Monterey romper is live and on sale through Sunday at

Happy sewing!


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