Happy Egg Hunting!

Easter Bunny Tote Bag

I love the variety of patterns that Little Lizard Kings has to offer!  This little Tote bag is a fun and simple sew. I thought it would make a great Easter egg huntin’ bag.  Because I  wanted to make it a lil more fun, I added the the bunny ears and face, from LLKs Animazing suspender skirt!  After I made my Easter bunny themed tote, I decided I to share with you how I made it!finished

I had seen and heard that everyone is excited about some adorable holiday fat quarters Walmart has and I just had to use them for this project CAUSE THEY’RE SO CUTE!

I decided I’d make the smallest sized tote, the “kid’s catch all” and for that I needed 4 fat quarters; 2 for the main and 2 for the lining.  I was able to get the outer ears and inner ears AND the handles out of those 4 fat quarters as well!  Now all I needed was the face template pattern pieces, from the Animazing skirt. step1

First, I sewed the fat quarters together along the short side, right sides together, with a 1/2″ seam allowance, so that I could get the length needed for the tote. The fabric for my main was directional, so I made sure to reverse the print direction so when sewn, it wouldn’t be upside down. After the fat quarters were sewn together, I cut them according to the tote pattern. step2

Next, I cut out the bunny ears, 4 outer ears and 4 inner ears. Make sure they’re mirrored!step4

Because I wanted to use matching fabric for the strap and also wanted them a little smaller, more like handle length, I cut the handles 12.50″L X 2.5″W (cut 4; 2 main, 2 lining)  Then, I sewed them right sides together, down the long side, turned them,  pressed them, and top stitched them.

Next I made the ears, I sewed them right sides together, trimmed them with pinking shears, turned and pressed, and top stitched the inner ear to the outer ear.

I followed the tote bag tutorial for assembling the bag and once my inner and outer bags were made it was time to add the face!

I found the middle of one side of my outer bag and lined it up with the center mark on the face template pattern piece.  Then I marked the face lines with some tailor’s chalk.


Next I added the ears to their markings and sewed them in place.


For the eyes and nose I used buttons and sewed them in place. I decided to use embroidery floss for the whiskers, I doubled up the floss and sewed a long stitch from one end of my marking line to the other and back on the reverse side.   I also went with 3 whiskers to match the bunny on the fabric.


Next I used the ears as placement marks for my handles and sewed them on.


I followed the tote bag instructions for attaching the lining to the main, turned and top stitched, Make sure to fold the ears up when top stitching.


And Voila! The cute lil bunny bag is done!


Of course I had to make an outfit to match!  Always thinking ahead, I bought a “FEW” of these adorable Easter themed fat quarters, and made these Newport shorts, paired with the Leiden top.   Now she is ready to run around and hunt some eggs!

I hope you give the LLK tote bag a try! Miss Ashlynn loves hers and can’t wait to collect some candy with it, I mean Easter eggs, LOL

Happy Sewing


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