Lucerne from Little Lizard King

Everything that could have gone wrong with this test seemed to happen. But learned some good lessons. Use only fabric already in possession or purchase from local store. I found some awesome owl fabric on a destash sell Facebook group and there was a holiday that delayed my receiving it. Most pattern tests are about a week long so having fabric not arriving until the day before the scheduled release doesn’t work. In my house, sewing takes the back seat to caring for the house and especially helping The Son and The Daughter learn about their emotions and negotiating through their problems. My job is COO of the house and that means it is my responsibility to keep the house clean, tidy and functioning.


Of course, the weather was completely out of my control and it started raining for a week straight just after the start of the test. By day 6 of being stuck inside because it is wet AND cold, my childers especially The Son was literally climbing the wall. This boredom was not conducive to me doing my job much less having some fun sewing. And that is totally not their fault. It finally warmed up enough that we could put rain gear on and get out.


But the fabric arrived! And the rain slowly, O SO SLOWLY, dried up. So we geared up to go get pics. Then The Daughter misjudged eating and food ended up all down the front. *sigh*


The stars aligned and I got photos of this gorgeous dress. The Lucerne is just begging for lace and satin!!! And the options, man, this pattern has so so many. Between the FOUR different skirts, possible neck and/or arm ruffles, and FOUR bodices options, I was frozen with indecision! Lucky, Jane helped me out.


I love how this one turned out. Satin is not an easy fabric to work with and there were a few times I just about tried to shredded it while chunking it out the window to stomp on it the lake we had going in our backyard. But thankfully, I been told of some amazing stuff: Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape. It is the only thing that makes sewing with satin or any other difficult fabric bearable.


Little Lizard King patterns are consistent and super easy to use with clear directions. Jane killed it with this one. The Daughter LOVED this one so much and I had a hard time convincing her that twirling all the time was not going to be good pictures. She wanted to show everyone that she knew and that we came across while out how it twirled. 😀 She is so AWESOME and I love how happy she gets after I’ve finished a new article of clothing for her.

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