Runaway raglan? Yes please!

Who doesn’t love a good raglan pattern? Well, Petite Stitchery has just come out with the cutest raglan pattern and it is LOADED with options! Check out the Runaway raglan! The pattern comes with both top and dress length; straight hem or curved.The front bodice can be made with this cool little inset at the armpits.  It’s such a fun way to make it a little more interesting.  Combine that with the color locking V shaped sleeves and you get a pretty cool look!😱 For Miss Ashlynn I made the top length in some trendy black and white strips, then added hot pink sequin color blocking details on the shirt, front and sleeves. I paired it with the fawn leggings, with its fun tuxedo stripe. I used a stretch matte pleather and some more of the hot pink sequins and this lil cool cat has a fun new outfit 💖😸Petite Stitchery also has new raglan patterns for women, boys and babies.  Raglan fun for the whole family!!!🙌🏻

Grab yours today!

Girls runaway raglan

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