Pretty in Pink

Little Lizard King has 3 new patterns out today and MAN they are Beauties! First there’s Lucerne; Talk about a pattern loaded with options… Not only are there many different bodice options, but  they’re several skirt options as well! Along with the Lucerne Dress pattern there is a Romper pattern as well.And that’s not all folks! There is Geneva! a sweet and simple bonnet that can be made in lace or cotton.


The center bodice on Lucerne pattern can be made with horizontal pin tucks, chevron pin tucks, or just a great place to add a lace panel or hand embroidery if you want. There are also  simple bodice options.

For Miss Ashlynn I wanted a simple color palate, so I used a cream cotton and cream lace under the pin tuck.  I trimmed the side of the front panel with the same lace. You can also add ruffles to the neck and sleeves, I opted for just the neck ruffle in pink chiffon, for a nice soft feel


The skirt of the Lucerne pattern has as many options as the bodice! For our soft chiffon dress we went for the exposed ruffle with a rolled hem, and added a little lace over the seam for a fun and fancy detail.


There are also sash options! I knew the sash was the perfect place to use some vintage lace I’ve been holding on to. I love the simple button down back – its just what this dress needs.


The Geneva bonnet is so sweet and innocent, I used the lace bonnet instructions for our pink bonnet.  I couldn’t find lace I liked, so I made my own with the chiffon and the lace I used on the sash.  I also trimmed the bias in the lace trim that I used on the bodice. It was just what this outfit needed!


Now all this soft, frilly, pink and cream lace outfit needed, was a pair of cowboy boots, and my lil Texas farm girl is ready for hunting some Easter eggs!


All 3 patterns will be on sale till Sunday grab yours and get sewing!

Little Lizard King

Happy sewing Y’all


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