Indu Wrap Pants

I am normally a jeans girl as chasing two fast mini humans around doesn’t lend to much fanciness. But Designer Stitch has the best pants pattern! These pants are so super comfy but still allow for freedom of movement. But even with all the comfort and ease of movement, I felt like I wasn’t slumming it and had some fashion going in my outfit. And I can see these as being dressed up for a date night or dressed down like I did here for running after my childers in style. *giggle* These Indu Wrap Pants are for every wardrobe.


The pattern allows for a lot of choices. From color blocking to fabric choice, I love this fabric, Houndstooth Plaid from JeanMaries Fabrics. Apparently so much so that I accidentally ordered twice as much as I needed for this particular pattern. *oops* Be sure to correctly read the fabric requirement and the fabric length in the future. Hehe


The ‘wings’ can be worn is so many different ways. I love the versatility! Like a button, it will work with this. Want to just put some curtain weights in the corners, that works too! Don’t want to do anything but accessorize with a belt, the ‘wings’ can be attached that way too. ❤ ❤ ❤ This pattern can be made without the ‘wings’ too or you can mix and match with one side straight and one side ‘winged’! The options seem endless as I am sure I there are more I have not considered.


The only tricky part with the pattern was the elastic waistband. If not careful, ripping stitches are in your future as I had to start over twice before I got it. Even with that, I love these pants! Many, many more will be in my closet. 😀

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