As someone who likes to give fabric a good home, I procure as much as I can!!! #sorrywallet

I tend to hang on to special ones till the right pattern comes along, and OH man is Bellevue that perfect pattern for one of those prized *horded* fabrics!!

I have had this “Up Parasol” fabric by Heather Baily, for 2 years waiting for the right dress to for it. Bellevue is that pattern! Gotta love those ruffles!

The Bellevue pattern has a full coverage front bodice, and encased elastic back bodice.


Check out the beautiful back! Love the flutters on this pattern!  And with 2 loops for the straps/ties it makes it as comfortable as it is beautiful,   It just has the perfect amount of ties for a pretty bow!


When the test for this pattern came up, I knew I had to make dresses for Miss Ashlynn’s girl friends. And with so many options they all got to wear their own version! We have double flutters, single flutters, double ruffled hem, single ruffled hem, and a contrast band hem. Each dress is as beautiful as the last one.


This Blog will now be on “Photo Overload” thanks to my awesome friend Katy !


Miss Charlotte in her single flutter and contrast band options

(Gotta love that hand on hip action)

Sweet miss Clair in her double flutters and single ruffled hem.  I just love the back!


And again, Miss Ashlynn in her double flutter, double ruffled hem.  Love ruffles on little girls!

DSC_1418-Edit.jpgHeel pop anyone?

I hope you love the Bellevue Dress as much as I do!  Who am I kidding I KNOW you will! I’ve made like 5 now! lol


Bellevue Releases Feb 15th at and will be on sale through Sunday!

Happy Sewing


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