Hi I’m Rachael

I am the Mother of dragons JK, I have 2 kiddos, my girl, Ashlynn, 3 going on 17, full of life and personality, and my cuddle bug boy Andrew, 1 well we’ll say 2 since he’s a few weeks away from his birthday, he is always happy and smiling and or growling, I married my husband Jordan 10 years ago, but met him 16 years ago, feels longer ❤ and he’s the smartest person I know no exaggeration, he did merry me after all 😝

I started sewing when I was 17, when my aunt introduced me to anime and comic book conventions, where people attending would come in costume, I LOVED this idea and, SEW IT BEGAN… My aunt combined with my boyfriend (now said husband) taught me enough to get me started, and trial and error and the discovery of PDF sewing pattern 3 years ago, got me to where I am today, whipping up a dress a day, jk, but not really, give or take at least 1 a week. So yeah I’m pretty obsessed with creating something pretty and wearable out of a piece of fabric, its my art form!

I sew mostly little girls dresses, as I am a pattern tester, for a few PDF pattern makers, who specialize in young girls clothing. I do make myself a few things here and there, including a few mommy and me outfits, while that’s still cool with her lol.. needless to say miss Ashlynn has a killer wardrobe! I’m just glad she still gets excited for new stuff, I’m sure that will pass come teen years. I’ve made Andrew a few shirt and vest and bow ties (boys have it easy), It sure is cute how much he likes what I do make him, I get a gasping WOOOOOOOW, my mommy heart swells.

Since I do sew a lot I’m gonna blog about so get ready to be board or not!!

Lets get started with a tour of my creative space. We currently live in a 100 year old farm house in Norther Texas. It has its quirks, slanted ceilings, drafts and the annoyance of blowing a fuse when to many thing are on :/

My sewing desk and all its kids art glory….  Atop is my “best friend” the Brother Se-400 I’ve had this puppy for 5 years now still going strong! Then there’s my Brother serger 1043D, I wouldn’t want to “make” with out it, sitting on top of my antique sewing machine and table.  sewingstation.jpg

The Computer and it’s desk are a new add this year, that way I have my own place to blog and edit pics and use my Silhouette cameo, Can’t wait to do more with that baby!

Check out that SWEET fabric stash! #bejealous compdesk.jpg

Now to where the magic begins or half the work of making a garment at least, the cutting table! This spot, not gonna lie is usually a disaster, but gotta get it all dressed up for picture! The cutting mat and straight edges rulers, paired with a rotary cutter make cutting so much easier! (omg can’t wait to show you what I made with that Heather Baily Fabric #epic)


I love PDF patterns and there re-usability but gotta have that storage for them! So when my Dad’s work was giving these big ole filing cabinets away, I jumped on it! (really want to paint it pink). One Drawer is pattern, the others are trims, zippers, and stuff……and I mean stuuuffff!

(there will a separate post on the lovelies on the door)filecabanit.jpg

In any creative space you need a relax, recover, rezin area, I love sitting in my big comfy rose chair, that I scored at a thrift store of $25! (can you guess my favorite aesthetic #hit its vintage!)

windowchair.jpgCheck out that Styrofoam bits stuck in the floor :(.

And then there’s my sewing art, as well as a safe stop away from children for the iron.

And every good sewist has a secret helping sewing mouse, you know to finish stuff while you sleep 😛


Well that’s the Grand Tour hope you liked and or are inspired to make your own creative space!

Happy Sewing!


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