Cafe Collection

I am so excited to be a part of this collection!!! I had so much fun on my first test with Little Lizard King. ‎Jane Maikranz Reuter‎ is wonderful, and these patterns are totally a must have for any closet! The hipster vibe was very easy to capture. Although, I did have some problems as I kept trying to add lace and piping, but everything I tried killed the right vibe for these patterns. This collection just needs awesome fabric and not a lot of trims to spice it up. This makes for a very effortless sew. I put all these together in a day with a sewing/play date with Rachael. Our childers played and we sewed in between negotiating difficult moments amongst the mini humans and their developing brains. It is very easy to just ‘lay down the law’ and demand certain behaviors. On the other hand, if parents can just put aside their own wants and desires with their fully developed brain and take the time to help the developing brains learn how to deal with conflict and emotions then the mini humans can start to regulate their own lives.


Sewing with these directions were super simple and straight forward. Even in the testing phase, they were clear and not difficult. However, fabric choice can make any simple project challenging. 😉 But even challenging fabric choices can make the cutest piece of clothes.


For the Tacoma Cardigan, I picked out a black crushed velvet as it seems to be all the rage right now and I wanted in on the hype. But it was not the easiest fabric to work with on any project I could tell. The final product though was worth it. The Daughter loved petting herself. *giggle*


Will need to go back and create the button loops as the cardigan would not lay flat while worn. However, there will be many more Tacomas in her wardrobe. There are so many options with simple cardigan, ruffle, double ruffles, bib with optional ruffle, pockets and button loops. There will be a Tacoma for just about every outfit.


Vancouver Suspender Skirt was so fun. I had not made a circle skirt yet. I have a hard time doing the girly things sometimes as I am very much a tomboy. But The Daughter even at 2 was asking for more dresses so off I go on a trial to be more girly. My only regret was top stitching the pockets, but I love how this skirt turned out and the pockets were a super hit so I have more in my future. Heehee


The suspender with back strap is diverting interest on what can be an overly simple circle skirt. The Daughter enjoys how twirly the classical circle skirt is and I almost couldn’t believe how easy it was to sew together. Vancouver can be made as a circle or high-low skirt with optional pockets and suspenders.


These patterns along with Seattle beanie and Portland Dolman Button-up Top/Dress will be available Wednesday January 31, 2018 on Little Lizard King website. This is a great way to start the new year!




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